10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cartagena Before Your Wedding

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If you are going to have a destination wedding in Cartagena, you must relate to her since it’ll become your host city, therefore, I always recommend couples to find a space on their agenda with enough anticipation before the wedding to visit the city and take maximum advantage of this time to move on the wedding planning process. I wrote this post to tell you at least 10 reasons to visit Cartagena before your wedding, a very wise decision and with a lot of benefits for you and your fiancé(e).

1. Get an amazing travel experience to share with your guests.
When you send the save the date card for your wedding to your family and friends, it’s very likely that some of them have never been in Cartagena and they’ll have tons of questions about this destination. A good way to answer all their questions is that you as a host can share your travel experience in Cartagena because they just wouldn’t enjoy your marriage, they will be in a unique touristic destination in the world with the doors open to welcome them.

If you have a website for your wedding, from your travel experience during this visit, you can get all the tourist information about Cartagena. Your wedding planner can help you creating travel packages for your guests and make you feel more comfortable and safe, so you can get better hotel rates, plan group activities for integration before and after the wedding and everything you may need.

2. Get a delicious food experience to recommend to your guests.
Colombian food is one of the thousand reasons why I am very proud of my country. The best of Colombian and International food converges for all kind of travelers since Cartagena is a tourist city. Every day during your visit you can go to restaurants at the historic center of Cartagena or near the beach, then you’ll be able to recommend your guests and also live a unique gastronomic experience in the city.

3. Visit the dreamed wedding venues.
I am pretty sure you've spent many hours surfing the internet looking for photographs and videos to know the possible wedding venues in Cartagena. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to meet them and confirm with your own eyes if they are really the wedding venue you dreamed of.
I recommend you to initially review two main aspects: first, the concept for your wedding and second, the number of guests you are waiting for. With this information, your wedding planner can give you a list of possible venues with required capacity and the desired style. With this list you can define a schedule of visits, your wedding planner will help you to organize the schedule and route and contact the people who can assist in each of them, this will allow you to save time and get the most at each visit.
You can collect all the photographic material you want because it will be really useful when choosing your wedding venue.

4. Visit the church to celebrate the ceremony.
If you want to get married with a Catholic ceremony, you can take advantage of your visit to know the churches at the historic center and fall in love with one of them. The churches are totally open to the public, to know their interior you can check with your wedding planner the schedules of community Masses.

5. Personally, meet your wedding vendors.
It’s really important to create a relationship of trust with your wedding vendors because in their hands will be a piece of the most special day of your life.

6. Taste the wedding menu.
Food is an important element for your wedding if you want to enjoy an exquisite dinner with your family and friends, I recommend you try the menu before the wedding. To program a tasting, you must define what kind of food you want, in this way several menu options can be created and you can choose among them.

7. Taste the wedding cake.
More than just trying the wedding cake, this tasting is an experience of colors and flavors. Before the test, you must define your favorite flavors and look for ideas on Pinterest to get an idea of how you expect the wedding cake to look like, give all these details to the baker to advance in the design process.

8. Have a hair & make-up trial to look gorgeous on your special day.
I always recommend brides to perform a hair and make-up test prior to the wedding, just to be sure they will look beautiful and as expected. Explore with your wedding planner recommendations of recognized stylists and makeup artists in Cartagena to schedule an appointment in your calendar. You must bear in mind that these tests of hair and makeup have a cost, to get the most out of it, I suggest you apply the following point.

9. Take a photo studio with your fiancé(e) within Cartagena streets.
Use your dreamed look for a photo shoot with your partner in the streets of Cartagena. You can use these photos to send a Save the date invitation, website, or just share with your friends and family. This is also a way to try the photographer for your wedding, if you finish truly happy with the result of this photo shoot, it is highly likely you will also be the same way with your wedding photographs.

10. Escape with your financé(e) to a delightful island.
For all the above reasons I’ve mentioned, this visit sounds exhausting. However, you can take a day to rest and relax with your partner. There are beautiful islands such as Tierra Bomba, Barú and the Rosario Islands that really close to Cartagena and they are extraordinary and paradisiacal destinations you will love.

I hope that after reading this post you are planning your visit to Cartagena, my charming city is waiting for you with open arms.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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