5 Bridal Bouquet Ideas for 2017

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Flowers are really an important element in your wedding, today I want to highlight them by sharing these gorgeous bridal bouquets you’ll love and which also are trends for this year. If you’re a bride and you haven’t decided yet your wedding bouquet style, I hope these ideas will inspire you and you fall in love with one of them.

Choosing a bouquet isn’t a task you should take lightly, this element will be with you on your way to the altar and at least in half of the pictures of your wedding. It’s important you keep in mind that the bridal bouquet should show up your personality, your essence, be sure to find a flower that represents your qualities and makes you feel very special in your day. Also, consider your size, your bridal bouquet should be proportional to your height and silhouette. For this task I recommend take advising with your dress designer and also with the florist so you can make a choice with more accurate information.

When Classic is Your Style.
This is a bouquet for those traditional brides, with roses, hydrangeas and white pearls on the base, the result is just beautiful.

Say Yes to Green Color!
One of the latest trends in weddings is to combine with olive branches to bring a different and fresh style.

When Minimalist is your Style.
You can choose a small and charming bouquet, with flowers in one color. These bouquets are less complicated and you can carry on easily with just one hand.

When You Want to Shine.
Waterfall bouquets would be perfect for you, they are a little more dramatic and flashy. I recommend using this style of bouquet if your dress and accessories are not too heavy.

A Colorful Bridal Bouquet.
If your daily life is full of colors you can also incorporate them into your wedding, colorful bouquets are unique and vibrant.

I hope one of these bouquet styles come up perfect with you, don’t let this important element in your wedding look go unseen. If you want to know more styles, check my bouquet board on Pinterest which I designed specially for you.

What did you think of these bouquets? Did you decide on any of them?


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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