6 Ways To Save Money On Your Destination Wedding In Cartagena

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Cartagena is a wonderful destination for weddings in Colombia, and because of the high demand for these types of events, your marriage in Cartagena may require a high budget. If you definitely want your wedding to be in Cartagena and you are looking to save some money, the tips below are perfect for you.

1. Choose a date for your wedding during the week
Every weekend there is at least one wedding in Cartagena, it’s usual to find newly married couples during their photo session through the gorgeous streets of Cartagena on a Friday or Saturday night.
The benefits go from great savings in the wedding venue rental costs, air tickets, hotel rates, to high availability of the venue you choose for your destination wedding in Cartagena.
To achieve this, first, schedule your vacations in such a way that you have enough time for the days before, during and after the wedding. Second, inform your family and friends in advance so they can schedule a free space during the week and they can celebrate with you.

2. Book in advance
After defining your destination wedding date, the next step is to book the venue, hotel, air tickets and vendors as far in advance as possible.
Many wedding venues in Cartagena have a policy of maintaining prices from one year to another when making your reservation by paying a percentage of the total value of the quote. You can also negotiate this policy with other vendors.
For airline tickets and hotel, start booking online well in advance and you can get better rates.

3. Book a hotel or colonial house for wedding and lodging
In the city there are boutique hotels and colonial houses to book full house for your family and friends accommodation, this will give full access to all common areas of the for events.
In this way, paying only the accommodation you save the rent of a room for the wedding reception. Many of these hotels and houses have several useful areas for cocktail or dinner the night before the wedding and to share with your guests.

4. Choose buffet option for dinner
The option of buffet versus served menu has great advantages for the logistics and destination wedding budget. The served menu for the wedding dinner involves a large number of waiters and varies with the number of guests and tables.
To guarantee a good service, the logistics should be robust because a 7-time dinner could last up to 3 hours with few servers generating delays in the wedding minute to minute.

5. Use less flowers for decoration
Explore options to combine flowers with other elements such as green foliage and candelabra. I also recommend to use less expensive flowers and only two or three kinds of them.

6. Crop the guest list
I know that your wedding day is a very special moment, and you want everyone to be there to see it. However, I recommend you consider sharing this moment with your closest family and friends if you are thinking of reducing costs in your budget.
With this initiative the budget will be lower in those variable costs depending on the number of guests such as, furniture for decoration, food dishes, liquors, among others.

I hope all these advices are really useful for you, start applying them now in your destination wedding in Cartagena planning.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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