7 Reasons to Get Married in Cartagena

Find out why to choose Cartagena de Indias for your destination wedding.

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Caragena de Indias is a treasure in the Colombian Caribbean Sea. Romantic streets, kind people, colonial architecture, the beach and a long list of things I wouldn't finish writing, inspired the following list for you to know my city and all its great features to celebrate a wedding.

1. Colombia is the 2nd best country to travel in 2017 according to Lonely Planet.

The Lonely Planet portal's travel experts have selected Colombia as the 2nd best country to travel, after Canada. They highlight people from Colombia because they're well known for their hospitality and culture. Your wedding would be placed in one of Southamerica's jewels, Colombia always has its doors open to welcome you with a big smile.

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2. Cartagena de Indias is the best tourist destination in Colombia according to World Travel Award.

In 2016 Cartagena got the award known as "Tourism's oscars", Cartagena was recognized as the best tourism destination in Cartagena based on votes from travelers and entrepeneurs all around the world. Therefore, currently a lot of couples prefer Cartagena for their destination wedding.

3. There are incredibles colonial churches in Cartagena.

Old churches at Cartagena de Indias historic center are real architectural jewels of fascinating historic value. Take a look inside this churches in Top churches to get married in Cartagena

4. Cartagena has unique venues for a dreamy wedding.

Find unique venues for your wedding, there are colonial houses, museums, theaters and gorgeous boutique hotels. If you're thinking about sea style, Cartagena has splendid beaches and close delightful islands.

5. Breath romanticism at each corner in Cartagena.

It's surprisingly easy falling in love at Cartagena, those sunny days and bohemian's nights create a wonderful atmosphere for couples walking around the walled city.

6. Wedding and Honeymoon, one destination.

I would like to highlight that exquisite constrast between the sea and the colonial city, it's a perfect match.

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7. Find experts wedding and events professsionals in Cartagena.

The wedding industry in Cartagena has been growing during the last years because touristic development has been too strong. Every weekend, there's at least one wedding in Cartagena by experts event planners who love their job, including myself.

Did you make a decision about it? Cartagena is waiting for you!


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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