7 Reasons Why A Wedding Planner In Cartagena Is Absolutely Worthy

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During all my journey as wedding planner in Cartagena, one of the questions I’ve heard the most is: where do I start preparing everything for my wedding? In this situation I always recommend professional consulting since a wedding involves many details that must be ready in the defined place, at the scheduled time and with the right people.
A wedding planner will guide you all the way to realize the wedding of your dreams, if it’s not really clear to you how it works, I will give you at least 7 reasons why is absolutely worthy to hire a wedding planner in Cartagena.

1. She will take care of all the details before, during and after the wedding
A wedding planner will be your company throughout your wedding planning process which can last between 3 months and 1 year. You may wonder, how will a wedding planner help me organize everything to get married in Cartagena? Here is the answer to this question.

Before the wedding
She will provide advice, information, truly good vendors recommendations and also decorating ideas. Keep reading a little bit later and you will discover all these benefits in detail.

During the wedding
The wedding day, she will be coordinating that everything planned is the way you dreamed it. If you start preparing 3 hours before your wedding, your wedding planner will have been coordinating the whole assembly since the previous night.
The wedding planners in Cartagena have teleportation capacity to be at the church, hotel and wedding venue at the same time. I'm just kidding! Behind a great wedding planner, there is a fantastic team that will pay attention to every detail.

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After the wedding
Destinations weddings are really common in Cartagena and they not always end with the reception, there are many attractive activities to enjoy with your family and guests, I mean relaxation plans like a day in the Rosario islands after the big party, a wedding planner can help you coordinate this type of activities as well.

2. She’ll have a plan B for possible eventualities on your wedding day.
An experienced wedding planner will be your best ally, she will study all the possibilities according to the event’s conditions to define contingency plans for possible events that may affect the normal course of your marriage in Cartagena.
You may wonder, for example, what happens if it rains on my wedding day and the reception is outdoors? Don’t worry! A wedding planner is super creative and will find a possible solution.

I'll tell you an anecdote that happened to me with a wedding. The groom was preparing himself for the wedding, when his shoe suddenly breaks. All of us present went into shock! Can you can imagine the stress he could feel at that moment.
Quickly the photographer and I began to calm him down and get him smiles, while a person from our team solved the problem by sewing the shoe.
In the end, everything went perfect and the boyfriend couldn’t do more than laugh remembering that moment.

3. She will provide you with all the information you need to make your marriage legal in Cartagena
It’s important to know in advance all the requirements and documentation necessary for your marriage in Cartagena to be legal. For a civil or religious ceremony, there are some steps to make sure everything is ready on your wedding day, your wedding planner will provide advice and support in this process.

4. She will give you many ideas for your wedding decoration
You can get many ideas and recommendations for your wedding decoration through an experienced wedding planner. You can review her made in Cartagena wedding catalog and get inspiration.

5. You will save a lot of time and money in planning your wedding
A wedding planner will help you define a plan of activities to organize your wedding with which you will save a lot of time and you will be able to focus on what is really important. It will help you manage the times and when you realize it, everything will be ready for your dream wedding.
For example, you can book the place for your wedding in advance and negotiate better rates that will help you save money in your wedding budget.

6. She will recommend the best wedding vendors in Cartagena
If you want to get married in Cartagena and you are looking for reliable and high quality vendors, a wedding planner knows them all or almost everyone in the city, it’s a trustworthy source for wedding vendors review, since she has worked with them before and she knows their work quality by first hand, from the first contact with the customer to the final product delivery.

7. She will organize and make real the wedding schedule
A wedding is made up of many important moments that must be perfectly timed to obtain the best result. You can define the wedding schedule with your wedding planner, she will show you the protocol for the ceremony, reception and some traditions. Don’t worry if you are not a conventional bride, you can incorporate other ideas and she will take care of making them true.

I recommend when choosing a Wedding Planner in Cartagena, to consider the experience, the work quality and if you feel comfortable with her. Take the time to schedule interviews to know their work and make a good decision.

Finally, Cartagena has become one of the main wedding destinations in Colombia, therefore, professional wedding planners offer very high quality. I suggest hiring local professionals, this way you save costs in travel expenses you should assume with a wedding planner from another city. A local event organizer will move like a fish in the water in Cartagena and she’ll give you more confidence.

I invite you to know my work as wedding planner in Cartagena in the real weddings section.


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