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Within your wedding planning process having a clear idea of the style and colors you want it’s a very important stuff to have in mind, this step will define how your invitations cards, decoration, floral arrangements, wedding dress accessories and bridesmaid’s dress will look like.
To help you with this task, I’ve looked for in my favorite social network Pinterest, inspiration on colored palettes you can adopt and that are also trending in the wonderful world of weddings. I hope one of these color schemes will become the ideal for you and helpful in your appointment with the decorator, florist and the designer of your wedding dress.

1. Navy + Champagne
This combination of navy and champagne creates an elegant atmosphere in your wedding decoration. It’s an unusual combination in weddings but I love it because navy can be present in the groom's costume, bridesmaids dresses, the wedding cake, table’s centerpieces, among others. The effect of the mix with champagne color gives us a royalty style for those sophisticated brides.

2. Navy + Pastel Peach
The navy color has taken great importance in wedding decoration, combined with pastel peach is a blend I love and recommend for fresh and warm weddings in cities like Cartagena.

3. Warm Taupe
This color palette creates a rustic and warm atmosphere ideal for those brides who want a bohemian and fresh style for their marriage.

4. Gold , Green and Pink
Nowadays the combination of colors between green and pink is very common in modern weddings, if you want to add a special touch you can incorporate golden within the color scheme giving an elegant and bright touch to your decor.

5. Lavender + Green
The lavender color is pretty feminine and romantic for your wedding. This color palette between lavender and green will charm you for the simplicity and elegance it grants.

6. Blanco + Verde
If you love nature, green and white colors are ideal for decorating your wedding

7. Neutral
I recommend a neutral color palette for those minimalist brides who look for an elegant decoration without being too fancy.

I hope to have included within these color palettes your favorite color. Did you fall in love with any combination? Let me know your favorite one with a comment.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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