What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Bastion in Cartagena as Your Wedding Venue

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The wedding venue choice is among the first steps in the wedding planning process, because the venue will define everything you’ll need in decoration, logistics and production. If you are looking for an unconventional venue to celebrate your wedding, today I have for you a unique option that totally represents the essence of Cartagena. I am talking about a bastion, this place is located in the walls of Cartagena, which are part of the set of fortifications of the city and were built since the 16th century to protect it.

A bastion is a fortification armed with an access ramp to its esplanade in which there are elements such as sentry boxes and canopy. This type of open locations in the walled city are attractive for cultural, social and institutional events, always keeping the integrity of this world historical heritage. Because Cartagena is a very desirable destination for weddings, the bastions are a very used option as a location for being unique spaces with capacity for a large number of people.

Outdoor weddings in Cartagena are really gorgeous, however they require a lot of work. First, to carry out a wedding in a bastion, you must make a process before the competent entities to guarantee that the development of the event is in accordance with the laws for the preservation of Cartagena's historical heritage. After the event, the baluarte must be turned in optimal conditions.

In terms of assembly, furniture and decoration, this location requires starting from scratch, that is, you need electrical installation, mobile toilets, elements for division of spaces, you can use plants or transparent elements, tents among others. After this preliminary assembly, you can begin working on furniture and decoration for the wedding according to the style and desired concept.

Photo: Catalina + Andrés.

You don’t have to worry about all these details, just make sure you have a wedding planner with experience in this type of events requiring a great production and logistics, so everything turns out as you dreamed. I also recommend working with a very good catering company, some of them are specialized in working in outdoor locations and can easily adapt to your needs, food is a very relevant aspect and its quality shouldn’t be affected.

Photo: Catalina + Andrés.

It’s also important to check the city policies for events in bastions, your wedding planner can advise you at this point, because there are restrictions on schedules, maximum noise levels, among other conditions for the proper use of these venues.

After all these things to consider, a wedding in a bastion will be wonderful, your guests will love the venue authenticity and how magic can be a night under the stars in Cartagena. I hope this post has been really helpful if you are thinking of an outdoor venue for your wedding, encourage yourself to celebrate in a bastion.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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