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When you decide for a destination wedding, you look for an authentic, special venue and you want to take a bit of it in your suitcase, your guests will also want it, so it’s very common to prepare for them an original gift which represents the best of your wedding destination.
If you decided to celebrate your marriage in Colombia, I want to show you a gift selection showing the best of colombian art crafts. Typical and representative elements of my country which you and your guests will fall in love with.
Colombia Art Crafts are a cultural legacy of which I am very proud, and it’s increasingly common for the bride and groom to surprise their guests with a special detail, choose Colombian Art Crafts made with love by our artisans.

1. Wayúu Backpacks

The Wayúu community is located on the Guajira peninsula in northern Colombia. An indigenous community that preserves its traditions, among them the work of weaving with which they create colorful backpacks and other elements acclaimed by many Colombians and recently also by foreigners.
According to Colombia Art Crafts, "Wayúu" was declared as a Denomination of origin since 2011 and it seeks to protect the intellectual property rights of this indigenous community of artisans. Therefore, using these accessories we carry a bit of Colombia in our attire and we support the indigenous Wayúu artisans.

A Colombian backpack is a very original detail that will delight your guests especially if your wedding in Colombia is the first contact they have with this wonderful country.

2. Colombian Bracelets

This multicolor accessory is widely used in Colombia by men and women and it’s a great option to say thanks to your wedding guests. These Colombian bracelets are made entirely by hand mainly by indigenous Wayúu women from the region of La Guajira. They also use the weaving technique and with lots of creativity mixing shapes and colors to get these beautiful handles.
This is a very simple but significant detail you could take into account for your marriage in Colombia guests, they’ll keep it as a souvenir of their stay and your spectacular wedding.

Photo: Delgado Fotógrafos

3. Sombreros colombianos

Hats are an accessory that never goes out of style, and Colombian hats are a symbol of the culture and traditions from different regions of the country. Among the best known is the Sombrero vueltiao and Sombrero aguadeño, recognized among natives and foreigners who fall in love with this accessory when they visit Colombia.
The sombrero vueltiao, has its origin in the department of Cordoba and it’s related to the indigenous culture zenú. It’s made in cane arrow, a natural fiber with which the braids that make up this hat are done.

If you have many guests for your wedding, a sombrero vueltiao for each of them might not be an option since their great cultural value and because they are handmade, they become highly expensive, however you could consider it as a gift for your family or closer friends.

Another common option in weddings in Colombia is to use the Sombreros Aguadeños, also known as Antioqueños or Paisas, these are widely used by farmer and ordinary people, and by foreigners to protect themselves from the sun or to be more in line with our Colombian outfits. For those weddings including before and after activities, these colombian hats are very practical and friendly with beach plans, excursions and outdoor events.

I hope I’ve given you enough reasons to take into account these unique crafts for your wedding in Colombia, your guests will have an authentic memory of my country and they will also have an accessory that will delight everyone.

Did you also fall in love with Colombia Art Crafts? Tell me what you think about it.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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