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If you want to make your destination wedding in Cartagena and you don’t know where to start, this post will be perfect for you. You will find a list of 12 critical points that will serve as a guide for your destination wedding planning.

1. Set the date.
This is the first check on your list, define the date for your destination wedding. If you have a clear date you can easily move on choosing the venue, sending invitations, coordinating accommodation, buying tickets, among other things.
You should have clear in advance the date for your wedding in Cartagena, this way you’ll get availability for the venue and save costs.
I know it can be difficult to choose this important date and that is why I recommend you to follow this step-by-step guide.

2. Determine the type of ceremony.
The second point on your list is to decide the kind of ceremony for your marriage. Whether it’s a civil, catholic or symbolic ceremony, the one you choose defines the venue where it’ll take place.
For example, if your destination wedding begins with a Catholic ceremony, you should think only about the churches and cathedrals of Cartagena because a Catholic ceremony can’t take place outside of a Catholic temple.

3. Research marriage requirements for Cartagena
Choosing a destination wedding involves taking into account the requirements for marriage to be legal outside your country.
If you want to make a wedding in Cartagena there are some documents you must submit according to the type of ceremony you select, in this post you will find more details about it.

4. Set your wedding venue.
This is one of the most important decisions for your marriage. In Cartagena you’ll find different options from traditional to modern and that can adjust to your wedding concept.
I recommend you to decide in advance and book since the agenda of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cartagena is quite tight.

5. Get local help.
Seek advice for your destination wedding planning. A local wedding planner will help you defining a checklist and steps to follow to prepare your marriage, also she’ll be a valuable counselor for decision making.
Learn more about all the benefits about hiring a wedding planner in Cartagena.

6. Accommodation.
For a destination wedding, defining accommodation is a key element. You can coordinate with your wedding planner to book a block of rooms in a hotel in Cartagena, this provides security to your family and guests and allows integration between them. Using this method facilitates logistics and you obtain better hotel rates.

7. Send the invitations in advance.
Your guests need enough time to get ready and be able to attend your destination wedding in Cartagena. You should send the invitations at least 6 and maximum 3 months in advance, so they can book the hotel and get tickets at an affordable price, plan their vacations and enjoy the city. Otherwise, they will find many barriers to be with you.

8. Use a wedding website
A website dedicated to your wedding is a tool that will facilitate communication with your family and guests. Include all the information you consider relevant and useful. If you’re not clear about what to include in your wedding website, read this post.

9. Work on a wedding budget.
Define a concept for the wedding to set an idea of everything needed related to decoration, lights, music, among other elements. Work a budget with your wedding planner to land your dreams and adjust them to your possibilities.

10. Visit Cartagena before your wedding
If you have the chance to do so, I recommend visiting Cartagena a few months before your wedding. Several days in the city will allow you to know the venue, meet your suppliers personally, live a travel experience to share with your family and guests, among other activities. I invite you to discover more benefits of this small trip before your wedding here.

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Leidis Leguia

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