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Having a website has also become a trend in the weddings world, It’is an element that could be really useful during your marriage planning process. The audience will be your guests, this is why the first step in defining what you need to include on your wedding website should focus on answering all the questions they might have.

1. Love Story
Dedicate a space on your website to share your love story with your guests. This is an aspect I love since it shows all the reasons to celebrate your union and encourages your guests to join.

2. Destination Wedding
If you chose to perform a destination wedding you should introduce the host city for your marriage. This point is so important since a destination wedding implies that your guests must travel with their own resources to another country or city, you should take the time to describe all the qualities of the city and its wonders, this will convince your Guests to enjoy this great day.
You must answer at least the following questions:

  • Why did you choose the city for your wedding?
    If your wedding is in Cartagena de Indias, this post will be very helpful to answer this question.
  • How to get to the city?
  • How will the weather be for the wedding date?
  • What currency should I use?
  • What tourist attractions can I visit?
  • What to do in the city?
  • What are the best restaurants in the city?

I recommend being very thorough in answering the above questions, maybe some of your guests will visit for the first time the fate that chose to marry and have many doubts.

3. Tickets and Booking
Before moving on this item, I suggest you define in advance your destination wedding date since your guests should start booking their air tickets in advance to find the best rates.
For accommodation, I recommend you to coordinate with your wedding planner a rooms block for your family and guests, with this option you get better hotel rates, also encourage the integration and security for the entire group.
In this case, the hotel will provide you with a reservation code for your guests' rooms, share it with them so they can enjoy all the benefits.

4. Ceremony and Reception Venue
Once they’re comfortable in the city, the guests will want to know all the details about the ceremony and reception venue. Clearly describe the name and location of the venue for the ceremony and reception, if both moments will be held in one place it will be easier for them, show them how to get from the hotel to the ceremony and then to the reception.
You can coordinate transport logistics with your wedding planner, in this case, you should indicate to your guests the time they should be ready to use it.

5. Activities Schedule
Your wedding website is the perfect space to share the itinerary of activities you’ve prepared for before and after the wedding. It’s very common for couples to plan extra activities allowing their guests to know the city and have a sensational travel experience.

6. Wedding Gifts
If you have a wedding registry you can include the link then your guests can review it and contribute. If you have in mind the envelope rain option, probably some people want to do it by electronic way, this way you can even use a payment link and to make things easier.

For your more technological guests, include a form to confirm their attendance to your wedding, you can also include information about other options such as e-mail and telephone to send their response.

8. Photo Gallery
Create an original hashtag for your wedding and make it known to your guests on your website, this way you’ll have a compilation of all your wedding photos posted on Instagram and Facebook.
You can also create a gallery of images with your partner, pre-wedding activities and the expected wedding photos so everyone can visualize them.

9. Additional Information
Dress code
Describe to your guests the dress code you’ve defined for your wedding, you can incorporate reference images with outfits for men and women, this way they’ll have a clear idea of the desired style.

Include some beauty salons recommended in the city and their rates for your guests to select one and shine on your wedding day.

Wedding Planner Contact
Your wedding planner will be your best ally in this process, she’ll know every little detail of your wedding. Many of your guests will have specific questions about nannies, options for vegetarians, allergies, among other issues that may arise; It’s a good option to share your wedding planner contact then they will not fill you with calls and messages that could stress you.

Finally, I suggest to use an access code on your website then only your guests can access everything you have published, your information will be secure.

I hope all these tips I’ve shared today can enrich your wedding website, if you think I missed something in this post, leave me a comment and I will gladly review it.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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