Highlight your Curves with a Mermaid Wedding Dress

Do you want to be a beautiful and sexy bride? Highlight your curves with a mermaid wedding dress you will love.

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Women, we are all gorgeous and I'm pretty sure that you'll want to spotlight all your attributes on your wedding so the groom and guests will be surprised. I hope you'll love this bridal look to accentuate your curves.
To begin, a heart-shaped neckline is perfect for highlighting the bust and making your figure look more stylized, and the V-shaped neckline also helps to lengthen the face and look less round.

The mermaid style cut is so classy, it highlights your curves and will make you look stunning. Adjust your dress tail according to your wedding ceremony, for a civil one, it's ideal to use it without a tail, but if you're getting married in a colonial church like those at the Historic center of Cartagena, I recommend you totally expand the dress tail.

A detail in the torso inspires romanticism, will make you look delicate while accentuating your waist. The semi-deep neckline in the back, provides sensuality without leaving aside the good taste. If your back is a bit wide, it's not preferable for you to use this kind of neckline, you can find other options.
A gathered hairstyle will harmonize with all the details of this look, it will let see your back and the heart-shaped neckline, you'll look elegant and sophisticated. The headdress in rhinestones, is a remarkable accessory without being extravagant, a little shine so you look radiant.

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Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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