How To Get To The Ideal Guest List For Your Wedding In Cartagena?

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At this time you decided to get married in Cartagena, all your friends and family know that a great event is coming and they want to be part of it. however, how to get to the ideal guest list for your wedding ?. I am honest with you, at first glance making a list of guests seems like an easy task, but several factors that could be a headache. Don’t worry!, in this post you will find the answer and it will be really helpful to solve this dilemma of many couples in their wedding planning process.

The first factor to take into account to make your guest list is the chosen wedding venue capacity. In Cartagena there are many wedding venues of all sizes, if you chose a colonial house or a small boutique hotel you can’t have more than 100 guests, several hotels in the historic center have a capacity of up to 200 guests and other places such as convention centers and large event rooms allow you more than 200 guests onwards.

The second factor is your wedding budget, before starting to work on your guest list you should have an estimated budget and get a price per guest. This will be so helpful since you’ll objective in case it is necessary to cut off the guest list for your wedding.

The third aspect is related to the wedding destination. Many couples tell me: - We'll have a destination wedding in Cartagena and we don’t believe many of our friends and family can travel.
It’s true, because they need more time available and they will spend more money or maybe their work and occupations will not allow it. But I recommend you at this point to consider how attractive is the chosen destination for your wedding, I mean, Cartagena is a tourist city and absolutely desired by people from all over the world. When your friends and family find out the wedding is going to be at Cartagena, many of them will probably want to travel, live an experience and enjoy your marriage. So don’t be surprised to receive RSVP from many people you thought were not going to attend.

Having these variables clear in your mind you can begin your task by following these three steps:

1. Set clear rules
It’s not wrong to establish a minimum age for your wedding guests. Many couples resort to this criterion to limit the list, you can define that the only children in the party are the ring bearer and flower girl if you are going to have.
Also, it’s common for parents to invite their friends to the wedding, with so much love remind them it’ll be a special day for you and reach an agreement with them to only include those closest to you and those one with you have shared moments.
At this point it’s important that you define a criteria for companions, you can decide that only your married friends take their spouse to the wedding, however, it’s not wrong to define that those friends with a dating relationship attend alone, unless their partner is also a close friend.

2. Write all the possible guests by categories
Relatives: initiate by yours and your financé family nucleus, then include the closest relatives of each one.
Friends: Include those closest to you and who are aware of the details of your life now. Avoid as much as possible those people with whom you haven’t spoken more than a year ago unless you want to take this opportunity to meet them again.
Co-workers: includes those with whom you share daily, they definitely can’t miss it.

3. Adjust the initial guest list
After applying steps 1 and 2, adjust your initial guest list taking into account the wedding venue capacity of the place and wedding budget, this last criterion is the most objective as I said before, if you have very clear a value per person it’s easier to eliminate from the list those who are not special to you and your partner.

Finally, remember that for a destination wedding in Cartagena it’s necessary to send the invitations at least 6 months in advance, your guests must schedule their vacations, buy tickets and hotel reservations; in this way, they are more likely to join your marriage.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below, I will be pleased to read them.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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