How to Pick the Best Wedding Date in Cartagena? A Step by Step Guide

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You haven’t finished yet enjoying the emotion of your engagement when suddenly the classic and decisive question arises: When are we going to get married? ... Or when you make it public, your relatives and friends ask with emotion: When is the date of your marriage? ... At that time you know it's time to make decisions. So if you're in the middle of a truce with your partner trying to decide if you get married on your anniversary or the day you met each other, let me help you solve this dilemma.

Before I begin it’s important for you to know that defining your wedding venue is a critical factor in choosing the date, if you decided on a destination wedding in Cartagena I’ll guide you in detail so you can select the best date for your marriage.

1. Make a list of possible special dates with your partner.
It’s very common you want to consider special dates for both as a couple and continue the tradition for the wedding. The day you met each other, the first date, your first kiss date, Valentine’s day or Love and Friendship day in Colombia.

This is the first approach we’ll have to your wedding date, however, you shouldn’t limit yourself to these options, to make a more accurate decision you must consider other aspects I explain below.

2. Check yours and your couple availability for the dates in your list and discard impossible options.
If your time depends on your company, plan your vacations very well so you can enjoy the days before, during and after your marriage without worries. If this is not your case, organize your appointments and agenda to define possible free dates for the wedding.

3. Check your guests' travel availability.
Make a general survey with your relatives and closest friends to analyze their availability of time to travel to Cartagena, you should keep in mind that a destination wedding would take at least 4 days for the wedding, pre and post activities and tourism plans for those who visit Cartagena for the first time.

4. Go into the critical factors for a destination wedding in Cartagena.
Cartagena de Indias is a touristic city, therefore it’s important to keep in mind when it is high season and low season for your and your guest trip planning.

  • High Season in Cartagena

January: first and second week.
March or April: Holy Week.
June: third and fourth week.
July: first and second week.
December: third and fourth week.

Some hotels in the city consider promotional rates in low season months of the year that could be in line with your budget and with your guest’s needs.

  • Events in Cartagena
    Celebrating your wedding in Cartagena on special events dates such as those mentioned below has positive and negative elements. When important events are held in the Historic Center, it’s not so easy to get space on specific wedding venue’s agenda and hotel rates increase. However, if you really love cultural events where music and films are involved, you can make the most of your trip to Cartagena, enjoy spectaculars events and also celebrate your wedding.

January: International Music Festival and Hay Festival Cartagena.
These are important events in Cartagena with tons of people around the world coming, therefore it could be difficult booking a hotel at this date. In addition they use emblematic places of the city, for example, for the International Music Festival many concerts take place in the Plaza San Pedro Claver where is located the San Pedro Claver Church and it’s unlikely getting space on the church’s agenda because access becomes difficult.

February or March: International Film Festival.
This renowned festival uses very desirable places for wedding reception in Cartagena such as the Teatro Adolfo Mejía and the Convention Center.

If you are planning your wedding well in advance, the events in Cartagena wouldn’t be a problem. You must make the reservations of the places that you want for your wedding to make sure that you will not have any inconvenience in these dates.

November: Festivities of the Independence of Cartagena.
During the Cartagena Independence festivities there are closings of major thoroughfares of the historic center so the mobility is complicated and could be a problem if you make your wedding in the Historic Center during the holidays.

  • Cartagena Weather
    There aren’t seasons Cartagena but I want to share with you the warmest months and those with greater probability of rain.

Months with more rain: September, October and November.
Months with more isolated rains: May - August.
Warmer months: December - April.

Taking into account the above criteria you can search for air tickets and accommodation rates in the city according to your preferences and your wedding style.

5. Define your dreamy wedding concept.
If you are dreaming about an outdoor wedding in Cartagena or you want to enjoy a wonderful view of the Caribbean Sea, the weather will be a relevant factor for your decision. If, for many reasons, you definitely have a date in mind in which there is a high probability of rain, create a plan B with your wedding planner so everything can go on without any delay.

6. Check availability of possible churches and wedding venues in Cartagena fitting with your concept.
According to the style you are looking for your wedding, first, check your wedding venues options and their available schedules. If you want a Catholic marriage, the churches in Cartagena are very desirable and many couples take places on their agenda even a year in advance.
Examine your wedding venues options style and make sure they are according to yours if you like the traditional style, or perhaps bohemian and fresh, there are options for everyone in Cartagena.

7. Organize your wedding dates list descending from significance and choose three options.
With so many recommendations I've given you up at this point, you should have about 10 dates in your head, but at this moment, define what is the most important for you and your fiancé. Organize your ideas and choose three options from the list to continue working with until you find your best wedding date in Cartagena.

8. Design a budget with your wedding planner in Cartagena.
It was time to analyze all the criteria with a single equivalence. With the help of your wedding planner, make a budget with the three most important options and analyze if they fit your possibilities. At this point in the process, you will realize if you really should forget the idea of the date of the first date and consider options closer to the reality of your wedding destination.

I hope this step-by-step guide I’ve prepared for you will be helpful now at the best moment of your life. It involves important decisions that even if they take a lot of time to think about, later it will let you out of stress. I invite you to evaluate these criteria and take them to choose the best date for your wedding in Cartagena.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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