How To Plan A Bilingual Destination Wedding in Cartagena?

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It’s very common at a destination wedding in Cartagena to find guests who don’t speak the same language. That’s why usually the bride and groom come from different countries and this great moment in their lives also means the union of different cultures.
The couple seek to choose an appropriate place to gather their relatives and guests and it’s really important to make them feel at home; an essential element to achieve this is to mitigate the language barrier. In this post you will find very useful tips to incorporate both languages ​​at every moment within the planning and logistics of your destination wedding in Cartagena.

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Wedding Ceremony
The ceremony is the most important moment of marriage; you can get an officiant or bilingual priest but make sure you look for it in advance because they are very high-demand in Cartagena. If you can’t get it, don’t worry, use a simultaneous translator whose price ranges from $ 100,000 - $ 120,000 COP per hour.

If you want to save on these issues, ask for help from a family member or close bilingual friend, but first he should familiarize himself with the terms of the ceremony.
The ceremony programs printed in both languages ​​are a great help to guide your guests.

Wedding Planning and Logistics
During the wedding planning process it’s better to have the professional help of a wedding planner in Cartagena, if possible look for a wedding planner who can handle both languages ​​or with bilingual staff available.

Since wedding invitations, delivering them in both languages ​​is a great idea then your guests can be clear about where, when and how your wedding will be. I strongly recommend to all couples to develop a website for the wedding, in this post I give you many ideas on what you should include, take a little more time to have it in both languages and all your guests will have access to information about the destination, itinerary of activities, useful contacts among other things.

For dinner, it’s a good idea that meal menus are available in both languages; for the bar and if you are going to have a dessert table, include speakers in English and Spanish with the names of the cocktails, liquors and varieties of desserts so that your guests can choose with complete security.

You must also think about the music looking for all the guests at your wedding enjoy as never before, describe to your DJ the type of music you want, I recommend that you can alternate between English and Spanish music of different genres for everyone to go through the track.

Activities before and after the wedding
A destination wedding is characterized by generating an unforgettable experience around your wedding, thus consider organizing activities with your guests before and /or after the wedding; this will allow your family and friends to immerse themselves in the emblematic places of Cartagena and get to know the culture. I suggest you organize tours with trusted agencies with bilingual trained staff to accompany your guests during the planned activities.

Don’t forget to follow my advices and your destination wedding in Cartagena will be wonderful and meaningful for everyone no matter their language.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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