Ameth & Juan

This is the story of a wonderful and unpredictable wedding at the Adolfo Mejía Theater in Cartagena.


I've got this e-mail after a lovely wedding in Cartagena. Ameth and Juan met at Broadway in New York, Ameth is from Panamá and Juan is colombian, they chose the wonderful Adolfo Mejía Theater for their wedding. These following thanks words encourage me to keep going doing my job with tons of love.

Note: original text in Spanish.

"It's been a little more than a week since we left Cartagena. Time went so fast and we couldn't have the chance to tell you how thankful we are with all of you. Today we would like to be with yout taking lunch but it wasn't possible, however you're in our mind right now.

First we want to say thanks because of the great job you've done. We call it work since that's how it's usually known but for us it was more than that, we've seen every little detail in the process. There was passion and dedication, a commitment with yourself to express your art and show the best from Cartagena to all our guests.

Our guests were more than glad, they were amazed. Starting from friday with a warm welcome at the Cartagena Wall at the sound of Cuban son and the breeze, they witnessed a city which warmly received them and that was just the beginning of a magic night. About that nigth we got a lot of praises regarding to Capilla del Mar Hotel, its people gladly admitted them with a customized and cordial check-in. The hotel make them feel at home.

We also witnessed the generous attention from Capilla del Mar and how specials they were the days before the wedding, from the "good morning" at breakfast, to the day Ameth was surprised and led bandaged by lobby to a yacht, until those facilities they gave to us then we could practice with Mayra those complicated steps for the show. To sum up, our stay was unforgettable. We are eternally grateful to everyone, especially to Paola and Aurora. Thank you.

Once we left Capilla and arrived to Santa Clara the attentions weren't less, we loved the warm reception from staff that undoubtedly was thanks to the recommendations of Juan Pablo, we were so happy when we got an "upgrade" to one of the most beautiful suites of the hotel, the welcome Champagne, courtesy of Jose and Juan Pablo to the emeralds brooch they gave to us the day of our wedding, all these things made our stay there unforgettable. Thank you.

On Saturday we were with nerves ond edge, despite we were all anxious, everyone was ready to give a 100%. One of the first to receive us was Alvaro and his photographers and videographers team. Alvaro, with his warm and funny personality made our nerves disappear and we started enjoying every moment, from the shoe that Ameth broke to the exit and those shots we had at the hotel (this again thanks to Juan Pablo and Jose). Thank you.

We must highlight that our magic moment at the theater didn't begin on Saturday, it goes back to March 2015 when we first visited the theater and Katy, Diani and Rubi welcomed us with open arms. Once we saw the theater and the aura that surrounded such wonderful and people, we knew that was our venue to celebrate such an important event in our lives.
Although we've seen before some decorations, at the theater we were with open mouths when we saw how detailed was eveything done, that simply showed the dedication and the love they put into it, at each table, arrangement, you could see the hands of Alcira, Jannette, Juan Pablo and Jose who made not only us but also our guests felt like in a movie (quoting more than one guest who told us so). Another valuable detail was the lights, Fernando Manzur was able to capture the theater's magic and accentuatted it to harmonize with the rest of the team's work. Thanks.

The ceremony was more than solemn, since at this moment all emotions showed up, not only from us but from our family and guests, Miro Pablo did a perfect job shaping those feelings at each moment and he enlivened in a romantic and exquisite way. This is one of the moments which will always remain in our memories.

At the reception everything was "unreal and insane", quoting the bestman, after the stress Juan was feeling when thinking about seeing the cake going down, which came up one of the favorite moments of more than one guest. The words of the best man and maid of honor were powerful and they remembered that we are all here to be happy and that's the only thing that matters. Thank you.

Once we were calm after the toast and the ceremony, the best was taking such a delicious dinner, "and what a phenomenal dinner!" using the words of one of the guests. And it's not surprising, the chef Rafa and his team gave everything, then flavors, colors and dish presentation rised above our expectations.

Photos: Delgado Fotógrafos

After dinner then started what more than one was waiting for, the rumba! The music was that final touch that kept all the guests outside the tables, everyone! Raul Peñaranda and his orchestra harmonized in a flawless way with the mixes of Dj Daniel Mieles who left us shocked no matter where the guests came from (Panama, Colombia, United States or Europe) they all felt identified with the sounds and more than one lost their memory with music and drinks. They showed our international guests what a Latin party really means, a party where nobody sat and everyone danced without exception. There was variety and good taste from the orchestra and the DJ, again thanks to Manzur for such an excellent work with the sound since without it nothing would have been the same.

Mr. Ezequiel and his work team were sure that all our guests were always well attended, in fact one them wrote to us a few days after the wedding, - "There wasn't a moment when I felt I had to go to the bar and ask for something because there was always someone waiting next to our table "... That level of professionalism was what we were looking for. Again, thanks!

Finally, we want to say that words for our wedding planner and mother of the event: Leidis Leguia.
Leidis, a thousand thanks yous for making our dream come true, it was one of the most beautiful moments in our lives and because you had the patience, disposition, professionalism and love, especially love in everything you did. We'll be eternally grateful and we want you clapping your hands for her at this moment. THANK YOU.

Video: Delgado Fotógrafos

These words won't be enough to say thanks for making our dream come true, as more than one said, it simply shows the power of love, love for what we do and what we want to do, love is the word to resume that team work you did for us and our guests, it just open more than one door for people to show it in front of those they love and with your support it'll be possible. We'll be always with open arms wherever in the world and with our most sincere affection.

Love you all.

Ameth and Juan".


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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