Ana & Jose

Destination Wedding in Cartagena


From the wonderful country Bolivia, Ana and Jose discovered Cartagena surfing the internet and they fell in love with this wedding destination. That love lead them to celebrate their marriage in this city knowing it only from photos and videos. Their motivation was framed by the desire to live a travel adventure, to share that important moment in their lives with their family and close friends in a magical venue.

They arrived in Cartagena two days before the wedding and for that same day, they had prepared a plan of activities beginning at the Rosario Islands and ending with a walk in chiva rumbera through the historic center. They really came to enjoy every minute in Cartagena.
With little time available, the same wedding day they went to church to talk to the priest who would give them the blessing who asked them for some photos to complete the marriage documents. Since they didn’t have a place to get it, they walked outside and found one just a street from the church, however, they got so excited about the surroundings of the historic center that they walked for an hour, they forgot the way back to the church, it was a rainy day and they only had one hour to be at the hotel for the makeup and hairstyle appointment.

So they took a taxi to return to the church, but oh! surprise, the taxi driver didn’t know all the streets names at the historic center then it was difficult going back to the exact street where the photographs had been taken. After a while searching, they finally found a way back to the church and finish their purpose, they were really close but because of being desperate, they were blind to find it.

Ana arrived half an hour late to her makeup and hairstyle appointment, however, after the adventure, she was beautiful and her wedding was wonderful. Here, I share the results of this gorgeous destination wedding in Cartagena.

Photos: MAT Fotografía


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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