Angélica & GianCarlo

For this wedding, the couple had a catholic ceremony at the Santo Domingo Church and a big celebration at the San Ignacio Bastion.


Angélica is from Cali, Colombia but she met Giancarlo at New York, they got married in front of God at the Santo Domingo church located in the Square that bears its same name at the Cartagena historic center. For the little pages look, they mixed a Caribbean style with hat and bermuda without forgetting the tie and the sack for elegance. The bride walked to the altar with her parents looking so natural, it's extremely traditional to walk to the altar only with the father, however going inside with both it's also a really special choice.

The celebration took place in the Baluarte San Ignacio, on the Wall of Cartagena. Paper balloons were used to decorate the trees on the access ramp to the Wall, a red carpet and volcanoes to make the entrance more special. The bride got a quick retouch in the middle of the San Pedro Claver Square, one of her friends was in charge creating a beautiful hairstyle in a few minutes. For these outdoor weddings I always recommend brides to use a lovely upsweep to avoid ruining it in a short time because of the strong wind at Cartagena.

As the guests were going up to the Bastion, they found an original candy bar looking like a traditional carriage, the dinner menu was wrote on a big mirror which certainly became a good idea to save paper and the cake was completely covered by dark and white chocolate, therefore it could only be on its place just one hour before the guests arrived to avoid it would melt.

Photos: Catalina + Andrés Fotografía

Video: Catalina + Andrés Fotografía


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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