Anna & Santiago

An intimate destination wedding in Cartagena, Colombia. Anna and Santiago enjoyed a magical night, the day of their marriage.


A dreamy wedding is not exactly that one celebrated at a big fancy venue with hundreds of guests, for me the perfect definition is a wedding where love and union are the protagonists. Today I want to show you an intimate dreamy wedding in Cartagena showing Anna and Santiago’s history, a fascinating meeting between Colombia and Australia.

Anna came to Colombia from Australia for study, but in a few months she got more than just knowledge, she met Santiago, a Colombian guy whom she fell in love with. They decided to celebrate an intimate destination wedding in Cartagena, marveling at the romanticism of the city, its corners, architecture and gorgeous sunsets.

A lot of couples like Anna and Santiago decide leaving beside those big weddings and they focus on preparing a magic night with their family and closer friends, which I consider it has some advantages:

  • There is a relax and informal atmosphere with no focus on protocol and traditions.
  • The wedding budget leads to the most relevant feature for the marriage, for example, a really good food, an awesome DJ, and a lovely venue.
  • The bride and groom get lower stress during the wedding planning process, they have key aspects to think and they work on it.

For this intimate wedding in Cartagena, the bride wore a beautiful Colombian design dress, a cool one according to the warm weather of the city but still looking radiant. Her sisters and mother were in charge of make-up and hairstyle, accentuating the natural beauty of Anna.

Fotografías: m42 agencia

The Catholic ceremony was at the Santo Domingo Church and the reception in a restaurant with a spectacular view of the Bay of Cartagena. Their relatives and closest friends witnessed this union and also enjoyed a party with the best Colombian style, they didn’t stop dancing the whole night.

Fotografías: Leidis Leguia

Fotografías: m42 agencia

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Leidis Leguia

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