Carter & Leonar

Destination Wedding in Cartagena


Carter was born in the United States and Leonar is from Colombia, they met in Australia at the University but true love came from an unexpected situation when Carter became ill and Leonar took care of him all the time. When they decided to get married, they started an exhaustive online search, then they found in my blog the story of Ameth and Juan. This finding definitely influenced their decision to get married in Cartagena knowing in detail the wonderful experience of this couple.

The challenge with this destination wedding in Cartagena really began with the first of many video conferences with 15 hours of time difference and a wedding planning totally online in the best modern style.

For the wedding venue choice, they blindly trusted Leonar's sister who was in Cartagena visiting the alternatives of places that we had studied before; she fell in love with the Casa Estrella and with many photos and videos they were delighted with the place as well.

For the wedding invitations the design was in charge of a close friend of the couple, Kat McCall from Kat McCall Papers, who made a painting in Watercolor inspired by the Baloco Street located at the Historic Center of Cartagena, this same art was also used in the design of the programs for the ceremony.

A few days before the wedding, Carter and Leonar left Australia to Cartagena and traveled for almost 2 days to reach their destination, when they finally arrived oh surprise! The airline had not sent the suitcases and they had to wait until the next day to get them. Without any clothes to change, there was no choice but to go shopping, finally, they were very fashionable with a tropical chic style as usual in Cartagena.

For the ceremony the music was essential, Carter and Leonar wanted to include modern songs performed by a string quartet. For this, they obtained the sheet music of the songs and sent them to the musical group who practiced these songs for more than two months. The staging was truly special for everyone present.

When the wedding day arrived, the colonial style of the Casa Estrella was accentuated with a tropical decoration incorporating arrangements in palm leaves and a touch of orchids, the original banana plants of the house combined very well with the wedding decoration. Jute Tablecloths and very authentic rattan base plates from the Caribbean culture were also used.

One of my favorite elements was the wedding cake simulating the bark of a tree with the initials of the grooms carved. It was a vanilla pudding stuffed with strawberry jam and arequipe to achieve a delicious sensation on the palate of everyone.
For me, the most charming was definitely the wedding cake topper, a very original figure of the couple.

Even the attire of the couple was very consistent with the wedding decoration, Carter and Leonar wore beautiful sand suits and bows with tropical print, a very unique detail.

They were always the center of attention throughout the evening and much more with a spectacular dance show that delighted all their guests, no one expected that the sudden fall of Leonar was part of the show and it was great to see the surprise face of all. Colombian music also took part in this celebration to cheer up the guests. Australians, Colombians, and Americans enjoyed the sound of drums and danced to the rhythm of traditional folklore.

This was one of those unforgettable destination weddings in Cartagena for everyone. Also for me as a wedding planner to achieve the expectations of Carter and Leonar, I carry them in my heart.

Photography: Juyá Photographer


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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