Daniela & Jeremy

A colombian-australian couple who chose Cartagena for their destination wedding. I'll take it as example to show you green color as a new trend in weddings.


Nowadays, too many couples want to celebrate their marriage far away from their city and they start exploring the world looking for an outstanding wedding destination. Daniela and Jeremy weren't left behind, a colombian-australian couple who chose Cartagena for their dreamy wedding.

Photo: MAT Fotografía

The catholic ceremony was held at the Santo Toribio Church, there was a folk group waiting for them outside then husband and wife danced cumbia through Cartagena streets until arriving to the majestic boutique hotel where the reception would be.
The decoration for this wedding in Cartagena incorporated elements related to nature, using so much the green color which is making trend at weddings world, it's powerful and fresh, thus it gives us a sense of the bride and groom's hope at the beginning of their marriage.

The set up was made with a combination of large and round wood tables, but also with wood chairs to create a rustic and natural atmosphere inside the room. Large tables were decorated with flower paths and round ones with white flowers and green leafs centerpieces. At the roof there were hanging streetlights and wonderfuls sand color lamps. Even the cake has its green touch and little lovely dogs were part of it.

Photos: Leidis Leguia Wedding Planner

If you are one of those people who think that green and weddings are not meant to be together, I hope I've convinced you otherwise. Now, with this video you can live again this fascinating wedding in Cartagena. I really enjoyed planning this wedding with vendors and the bride's mom who knew every little detail so the couple, their family and guests would end up happy.

Video: MAT Fotografía


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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