Melissa & Gabriel

Wedding in Cartagena


Weddings are events worth telling, and this time Melissa and Gabriel’s union is the main protagonist.
He is from Chocó, and she is from Bogotá, and they both decided to get married at Cathedral church in Cartagena, where they linked their lives forever with their closest friends and family members.
Really early in the morning, the wedding production team started the preparation of the tables in the main hall, the music, the lights and the wedding decoration which surrounded the place in a harmonious way.
Meanwhile, the bride and the groom would posed under the lenses of the photographers the step by step of their big day.
Once they arrived to the church, the couple didn’t hesitate to show their fascination with every single detail, from the subtle church decoration where big white candles and different kinds of flowers predominated, to a small music band playing, which gave the place a nice environment through their acoustic melodies.
The perfect complement to the catholic ceremony was the wedding reception at an hotel in the old city, which set-up was essential to give all the guests a warm welcome.

Photos: Luxvisual Studio

Everybody went to the hotel’s rooftop, where they could enjoy delicious desserts and appetizers, as Cartagena’s sunset and a live band were the background sound of that magnificent moment. The attendants didn’t hesitate to show their satisfaction.
As the bride expressed, even though many members of her family had visited Cartagena before, this time they could watch in first row all of the charmings from this romantic city.
At the main hall the lights were the most relevant detail, along with the pastel colors. Flowers as the table’s centerpieces and the lighted candles also turned this place into a cozier space for both the couple and their guests.
There, everyone could enjoy the delicious food, and also dance at the rhythm of the orchestra and dancing groups that cheered up the hall.

Photos: Luxvisual Studio

Photos: Leidis Leguia

The laugh and the happiness were present all the time. From the youngest to the oldest people, they all enjoyed the celebration in honor of the union of Melissa and Gabriel.

Photo: Luxvisual Studio

The colombian music and dancing groups were the final touch for that night to become, for the bride, the groom, their family and friends, the most unforgettable wedding in Cartagena.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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