Natalia & Martijn

Two Days Destination Wedding In Cartagena


For an event as important as marriage, sometimes a single day is not enough to celebrate. That’s why Natalia & Martijn decided to extend their destination wedding for two days in Cartagena.

Natalia is Colombian and Martijn from the Netherlands however, they were looking for many options of places around the world for their destination wedding. It was as well as in a connection of one night in Cartagena we took advantage of all the available time to visit the historic center.

For 3 hours, the walk through the streets of Cartagena reached us to visit 3 colonial houses and 2 churches, it was really productive because they fell in love with the Cathedral Church of Santa Catalina for the ceremony and the Pestagua House for the reception of the wedding. The predominant orange color in this colonial house was the element the boyfriend loved the most remembering the flag of his native country, Netherlands.

The marriage planning included a fusion of elements of Dutch culture by the groom and the Colombian culture of the bride, in this way the relatives and friends shared and enjoyed both days of celebration.

Day 1: A Caravan took the walled city.

Using colorful costumes, dancers and drummers played Caribbean music to join the caravan of Dutch and Colombians who took the streets and walls of Cartagena. The final destination of the caravan was a bar where all their friends and family enjoyed the rest of the night.

Day 2: Destination wedding in Cartagena.

The moments before the wedding were really special for the couple. Natalia was with her bridesmaids while she readied her hair and makeup and Martijn delighted a good glass of champagne with his best friends.

The bride wore a very beautiful classic dress that turned out to be very comfortable when lighting the rumba. The Catholic ceremony at the beautiful Cathedral of Cartagena sealed the love of Natalia & Martijn in front of God.

The decoration included many orange elements and the names of the tables were very original. It was very fun to hear the guests ask about the table "Peor es nada", "Maluco is also good", "Choclo or Chócolo" among others. The bride and groom's table was #TrueLoveIsOrange.

The crazy hour was loaded with a lot of Colombian folklore music uniting the Dutch and Colombians in a single rhythm.

Definitely with this wedding they showed us that true love has no borders.

Photography: Pedraza Producciones


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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