Stephanie & Jairo

Let me show you a wedding at the Historic Museum of Cartagena. Stephanie and Jairo chose this venue to celebrate their marriage.


In our current globalized world, love is crossing borders and I love that kind of meetings, so it’s the case of Stephanie and Jairo which I want to share with you today. Stephanie is from the United States and Jairo is Colombian, they decided to celebrate their marriage at Cartagena and they chose a unique venue for their wedding reception.
I’m talking about the Historic Museum of Cartagena commonly known as Palace of the Inquisition, located in front of the emblematic Plaza Bolivar. This house was built in the XVIIIth century to operate as Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, however, nowadays it’s a museum where you can recreate the history of Cartagena and it’s a truly valuable architecture piece. Architecture is one of those elements to fall in love with when you’re visiting Cartagena and definitely the Historic Museum is a fascinating example. At a glance, inquisition and marriage don’t look as a great team together, but leaving all those stigmas behind, I’ll show you how it is a wedding in a Museum.

The bride and groom were looking for a genuine and natural venue for their wedding in Cartagena and when they first met the Historic Museum they realized that it was the venue they were looking to celebrate their marriage. It’s important to clear that the economic contribution of the couple to the museum is a valuable grant so the Museum can continue opening its doors to many travelers and sharing share a bit of the history of Cartagena. This colonial house has a gorgeous courtyard used for the civil ceremony but also for the reception, they wanted a rustic atmosphere to highlight the museum’s beauty without being extravagant. For decoration, there were wood chairs and tables and the centerpieces were made with a lot of flowers and white candles, which were a fascinating element loved by all guests.

Photos: Delgado Fotógrafos

Many of their guests were in Cartagena for the first time because of Stephanie and Jairo wedding, and that’s why they planned events before and after the wedding, to end celebration and get some rest before returning trip, they went to Baru Island which is near to Cartagena and they enjoyed the paradise.

My favorite moment at this wedding was specially the first dance, they practiced a long time before the wedding and the bride became an expert bachata dancer, she really got that latin spirit from Colombia and it was just amazing. You can confirm my version with this video.

Video: Delgado Fotógrafos

So now, what do you think about museums and weddings? Would you like to celebrate your marriage at the Historic Museum of Cartagena? Let us know.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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