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Wedding cake is so traditional at weddings, however, there are many variations nowadays beyond a white cover cake with many floors. In the wedding cake you can incorporate modern elements to make it special matching with decoration. It’s a very versatile piece with which pastry chefs can have a lot of creativity, so today I want to share with you modern cakes ideas for your marriage that I love and I hope you fall in love with them too.
To this end, I ranked wedding cakes trends in four interesting groups, naked, colorful, green and simple cakes.

Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked cakes are born from the rejection of many couples to the traditional topping, which has been left aside leaving a tasty cake with only butter cream and decoration elements.

Colorful Wedding Cakes

Following this trend, all the colors you imagine can be part of your wedding decoration. Use vibrant colors in the centerpieces, flowers, accessories for the bride, and of course also in the cake. Here are some colorful and special wedding cake ideas for you, if you're an unconventional bride.

Green Wedding Cakes

The green color gives energy, hope and is radiant in weddings, therefore, the green weddings trend is increasingly welcomed by many modern lovers of nature. I advise you to choose a cake with white base and decorate with those green elements you like.

Simple Wedding Cakes

If you are a traditional and minimalist person, simple wedding cakes are for you. You can add your favorite flowers to make it special and go with your style. I give you some ideas of simple but very beautiful wedding cakes.

With all these great ideas to decorate your wedding cake, I don’t want to leave aside the tradition of sharing the wedding cake with your guests. At this point, the taste and texture are the most important. I confess that one of my favorite tasks as a wedding planner is the cakes and wedding desserts tasting, which has given me a unique flavor experience that I share with the bride and groom so they can make a good choice combining a delicious wedding cake with a unique decor.

Which of these wedding cake styles would you like? Did you fall in love with some cake in this post? Let me know with a comment.


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Wedding & Event Planner


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