One Big Table for an Intimate Wedding

If you wish an intimate wedding with your family and closer friends, one big table will be a great choice to share that special moment in your life.

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We've seen round tables in a lot of weddings as trend, however long tables are a great choice to share a special moment. This set up would be perfect if you wish an intimate wedding with your family and closer friends.

One of the main advantages of long tables is avoid wasting so much time thinking about seating, forget about that and allow everyone to choose their place, they will be happy. I love this idea and it helps creating a more relaxed atmosphere in your wedding, make the most of it!. Over 30 persons can be located in one long table and it recreates those traditional family dinners where everyone share in harmony. Probably for those located at the ends wouldn't be easy to get in touch, but they could talk with those closer as it would happen in a round table, so don't worry about it.

Simple arragements over the table work perfect, if you are looking something glamorous a flower path as centerpiece would be lovely.

When designing centerpieces, have in mind these can't be too high so there is not face to face barrier between guests. If people don't have visual contact it won't be easy for them to interact and have a great time.

Intimate weddings are really inspiring, you breathe true love in the air and there's peace between family and friends to join a couple starting a new road.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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