The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Your Wedding In 2018

Start this new year with the ultimate advice and tips in this beauty guide which will help you achieve your dreamed bridal look for your wedding in 2018.

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Looking radiant on your wedding day should be the first point in your planning checklist. Starting this new year I want you to focus on yourself and get the most of your beauty to be a gorgeous bride on your special day.
That's why I developed this beauty guide for your wedding in 2018 that will help you to fulfill this goal.

Food and Lifestyle
I know you've heard this phrase in many places but, we truly are what we eat. At least 3 months before your wedding you should consult with an expert and develop a nutritional plan according to your nutritional objectives. If your wedding is at the end of 2018 you’ll have more time to eat healthily and enjoy all the effort.

If we really are what we eat, surely we will also be the result of what we do. At this point, having a healthy lifestyle plays a very important role, exercising is the best way to complement a healthy diet. It will help you to feel better with yourself, It’ll give you energy, resistance, strength and you will look so much younger.
You’ll thank me for this advice on your wedding day when you won’t want to stop dancing all night long.

Aesthetic Treatments
At least 3 months before getting married, consider starting the following aesthetic treatments in this beauty guide. A deep facial cleansing will help you remove impurities from your face and revitalize your skin.
But remember, this treatment should be complemented with a daily cleaning routine to keep the skin healthy.

Hair removal is also necessary, if you choose the waxing alternative, you should do it at least 3 days before the wedding so the skin can recover and look splendid. If you’re getting married within 6 months or more, you can start a laser hair removal treatmentand you will see remarkable results even in the first sessions.

Hair Care
Your hair will be a very relevant element for your dreamed bride look, take care of it constantly. Hair hydration is essential, you can apply a mask according to your hair type.
Before drying your hair, use products to protect it from heat and avoid damage with dryer and hair iron.

If you are thinking about a hair look change, I recommend doing it at least 2 weeks before the wedding then your hair will assimilate the new color and look natural on your wedding day.

Hairstyle and Makeup
2 weeks before the wedding you must schedule a hairstyle and makeup trial, with this session you can be 100% sure of your look. I recommend you take reference images for your stylist and have a conversation with him/her before starting to set clearly all your tastes, this way he/she can advise you and get the best of your beauty to shine.

Beauty Tips For Your Wedding

  • If you are in a Caribbean city like Cartagena, avoid sunbathing the days before your wedding, this will keep the tone of your skin uniform and keep away from irritations.

  • Do not unveil the day before your wedding. I know that you really want to celebrate even days before, but if you sleep enough you will escape from dark circles around your eyes and tiredness.

  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption days before your wedding because it will make you look tired and bloated.

  • If you have an oily skin and your makeup tends to ruin a little bit, I recommend you hire a touch-up during the night with your make-up artist, It’ll make you feel safer.

  • If you can’t hire your makeup artist for a retouch, make sure you have a small cosmetic bag with basics to keep your makeup. A little powder and your lipstick will be your best allies during the night.

And my last tip for your bridal look: JUST RELAX!

No other advice will make you look more beautiful. You should go to the spa your wedding day morning and relax, renew and prepare yourself physically and mentally for your dreamed day. You will be radiant and all your guests will notice that.

I hope you follow all these advice and beauty tips for your wedding in 2018, start right now, there is no time to lose. If you think I should add an important one, leave me a comment and I will take it into account.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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