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During the planning of a wedding, there are several things you need to take into account to ensure a perfect result. We have prepared this guide to help you with your wedding planner for the preparation of your wedding.

12 - 10 months before

  • Guest list

From the number of guests you will have for your wedding in Cartagena, you will be able to choose between one venue and another. To do this, we recommend that you make a draft of the guest list and keep it carefully. Here you will find an article in which we will explain how to arrive at an ideal guest list for your

  • Choosing the ideal location for the wedding ceremony and reception
    In Cartagena, there's at least one wedding every weekend. Therefore, it is essential to start looking for location options for the ceremony and reception and to book in advance. If you have more than 150 guests, the list of available venues in the historic centre will be considerably reduced, so the guest list is a very important decision.

  • Setting the date for the wedding
    The wedding date is one of the most difficult but most important tasks in the process of planning your wedding. Once you have the list of venue options for your wedding, you need to check the availability of each one for the date you have agreed upon.

  • Accommodation
    If you need accommodation for your guests, the best thing to do is to book it as soon as possible! Indeed, in Cartagena, the demand for hotels is very high and it is therefore possible that your guests will not all be accommodated at the same time in the same place.

7 -9 months before

  • Inspection visits and meeting with suppliers
    If you have the opportunity to visit Cartagena before the wedding, you can enjoy visiting the venue where the ceremony and reception will be held. Thus, with the help of your wedding planner in Cartagena, you will have appointments with suppliers to get to know them and find out if they coincide with your wedding and your expectations. If you can't, you can always use Skype or Facetime to plan your wedding online.

  • Booking suppliers
    The supply of suppliers for weddings in Cartagena is very limited. That is why some suppliers are in great demand and you must book in advance to be guaranteed to work with that supplier. Concerning the latter, you will have wedding photographers, decoration companies, production companies (DJ, lights...).

  • Payment of suppliers
    Depending on the contractual conditions of each supplier, you will have to provide a down payment to make the service reservations.

  • Search for a wedding dress
    Don't forget to look for a wedding dress well in advance because it's a difficult decision to make! Don't rush and choose the one you've always dreamed of and in which you feel pretty and special.

  • Legal papers for your wedding
    In accordance with the type of ceremony you want, you must make sure that you meet all the conditions. You can consult an article on our website summarizing the administrative requirements.

6-8 months before

  • Create the web page for your wedding
    For your wedding, especially abroad, the web page will be a great help for all guests! Indeed, the information you will add will be a great help for your family and friends. You can also read our article on creating a website suitable for weddings. post

  • Send « Save the Date »
    For a wedding abroad it is necessary that your guests organize themselves with enough time in advance to accompany you. To do this, give them at least 6 months notice so that they can organise themselves.

4 - 5 months before

  • Invitations
    It's time to send your wedding invitations to Cartagena!

  • Find and buy the groom's suit
    The groom's costume is like the bride's, that is, very important. Four to five months is the perfect time to choose it.

  • Buying the rings
    The rings are one of the main symbols of your union. For this, you must spend some time choosing the rings. In addition, if you have a special request for the design of your rings, they can be ready on your wedding day.

3 months before

  • Menu for your wedding meal
    Three months before the wedding is a good time to try out your wedding menu. Take the necessary time to discuss with the chef according to the type of meal you want and the tastes of your guests. Also, you can take advantage of this time to taste your dessert and your cake...

  • Souvenirs
    For a wedding abroad such as in Cartagena, the guests will be very surprised to receive a welcome gift with representative elements of Colombia such as coffee, or small candies. You can also add a guide, a map of the city, a reference of the tourist sites...

2 months before

  • RSVP
    Two months before your wedding is the ideal time to contact your guests and confirm their presence. With the confirmed number of guests, you can communicate this number to the hotel and caterer and thus define the final number of attendees.

  • Create the seating plan
    Knowing who will ultimately attend your wedding will help you organize the seating plan and guest arrangements. Some couples do not carry out this step and leave the guests to place themselves as they wish, it is up to you to decide.

  • Try on make-up and hairstyle
    The hair and make-up test will help you define the style you want to have on your wedding day. You will then be able to work on the colours, tones, the ideal type of hairstyle to be sure in advance of the look you will have and to be sure that you like it.

1 month before

Take advantage of the fact that your wedding is approaching to take some time for yourself and make a change of look. You will also be able to finalize the details of payments to suppliers and tweak the final details.

On your wedding day

The day before your wedding, it is essential for you to get as much rest as possible to be radiant on your wedding day. You can opt for a relaxing massage, a facial cleansing, exfoliate your skin, have a manicure... The most important thing is to relax as much as possible to enjoy your wedding day.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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