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During the wedding planning process come together many elements you should take into account to create a perfetc one, I know there are many issues at the same time so I've prepared this awesome guide that will help you know everything to work with your wedding planner in Cartagena, from your commitment to your wedding day.

12 - 10 months before

  • Wedding Guest List Draft
    From the number of guests you will have at your destination wedding in Cartagena, you can choose between one place or another. For this, I recommend you start by making a wedding guest list draft and keep this really important input from now on. In this post I explain how to get to the ideal guest list for your wedding in Cartagena, follow these easy steps to achieve it.

  • Wedding Party and Ceremony venue
    In Cartagena there is at least one wedding every weekend, therefore, it’s essential to start by looking for venue options for the ceremony and reception and book it as soon as possible. If you have more than 150 guests, the list of places available in the Historic Center is considerably reduced, so this is one of the quickest decisions you should make.

  • Define The Wedding Date
    The date for the wedding is one of the most difficult but important tasks in the destination wedding planning process, there are many variables you must take into account when choosing, that’s why I leave this postto make it easier.
    Once you have a list of options for places for your marriage, check their availability against the date you have defined and reserve it as soon as possible.

  • Accommodation
    If you are going to need accommodation for guests, the ideal is to do it as soon as possible because in Cartagena the demand for hotels is very high and you couldn’t get all the guests to be together in the same hotel.

7 -9 months before

  • Visits and Vendors Meeting
    If you have the chance to visit Cartagena before the wedding take the opportunity to visit the venue where the ceremony and reception would be, also with the help of your wedding planner in Cartagena, coordinate appointments with vendors to meet them and know if they are perfect for your wedding . If you can’t do it using Skype or Facetime, planning your wedding completely online in 2019 will not be a problem.

  • Main Vendors Booking
    The offer of good wedding vendors in Cartagena is not currently very broad, so there are some highly demanded providers which you must book with a minimum time in advance to ensure they are available. Among these are wedding photographers, production and lighting companies and decoration.

  • Vendors Payments
    According to the contractual conditions of each supplier you must start making deposits to make the reserves effective.

  • Wedding Legal Paperwork
    According to the type of ceremony you want for your destination wedding, you must make sure you meet the requirements for civil or Catholic wedding in Cartagena. In this post you will know in detail the marriage requirements for Colombia.

  • Wedding Dress
    Don’t forget to look for your wedding dress with a lot of anticipation as this will be a difficult decision to make. Don’t be in a hurry and choose the one you always dreamed about and makes you feel beautiful and special.

6-8 months before

  • Create The Wedding Website
    For a destination wedding, the website turns out to be a great help for all the guests. The more information you can include, the more value you will generate among your family and guests. Follow the tips in this post to include everything you need on your wedding website.

  • Save the Date
    For a destination wedding it is necessary that your guests organize their trip well in advance to be with you, therefore, send the Save The Date card at least 6 months before the wedding and you will give them enough space to get ready.

4 - 5 months before

  • Wedding Invitations
    It's time to send out invitations for your destination wedding in Cartagena!

  • Groom’s Suit
    The suit for the groom as well as the look of the bride, is very important, between four to five months before the wedding is time to choose it and here I leave a post with a lot of inspiration for this task.

  • Wedding Rings
    The rings are one of the main symbols of marriage and to get them you must take the time they deserve, much more if you have a special order. If you make your order in advance they may be ready for the wedding.

3 months before

  • Dinner Menu and Wedding Cake Tasting
    Three months before the wedding is a good time to take a wedding dinner menu test. Take the time to talk with the chef about the type of food you are looking for and your guests' tastes. Also take advantage of this space to try the wedding cake and variety of desserts.

  • Souvenirs and Welcome Bag
    For a destination wedding in Cartagena, it will be a great surprise for all your guests to receive a welcome bag with representative elements of Colombia such as a bag of coffee, typical sweets and also guides for their stay; you can print the calendar of events before and after the wedding, a city map, a guide to restaurants and tourist sites.

2 months before

  • RSVP
    Two months before the wedding is the ideal time to call all your guests and confirm their attendance at the event. With the number of confirmed guests you can then contact the hotel or catering company and define the final number of attendees to adjust what was initially planned.

  • Seating Chart
    Knowing who will finally attend your wedding, you can organize the seating plan for tables and the location of each guest in them. Many couples choose to save this step and leave the free choice of their guests, everything it’s up to you.

  • Hair and Makeup Trial
    The hair and makeup test will help you define with your stylist the type of style you want to handle, if you want to look fresher and less overloaded, what colors will look better with your face, how to accentuate your features and what kind of hairstyle you want. With these elements you will be sure in advance that you will look exactly how you imagine.

1 month Before

Take advantage of the approaching wedding to take some time for you and change your look to renew yourself. Also, you can finalize details of payments to vendors and define final details.

The Wedding Day

The day before the wedding you should rest as much as possible to look beautiful and radiant. On the day of the wedding you can go to the spa for a relaxing massage and facial cleansing, also exfoliate your skin and fix your nails. The most important thing about this moment is that you relax as much as possible to enjoy your wedding.


Leidis Leguia

Wedding & Event Planner


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