Why Visiting Cartagena Is Always a Good Idea?

Discover the wonderful Cartagena, colonial architecture, tasty food, events and culture. Everything at just one destination.

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Today I want to share with you a wonderful destination which I’m really proud of it, and that’s why I want you discover with me why visiting Cartagena is always a good idea. If you’re looking for some rest, delicious food, doing business, get in touch with new cultures, weddings and important events, Cartagena has it all for your days to be awesome.

A city marked by history still preserves colonial architecture you’ll see within old houses at the historic center, churches, monuments, streets and colonial walls so that’s why Cartagena was declared by Unesco as World Heritage in 1984. For me it really is an invaluable heritage, those streets are to fall in love with, every time I walk through them I want to take pictures at every corner and my favorite plan when I need to relax to get inspiration is to walk on the walls, feel the cool breeze and lose myself within how infinite the Caribbean Sea looks like. If you are looking to escape from the routine, so close to Cartagena you’ll find a paradise called Rosario Islands, an archipelago with 28 islands where you’ll love clear water and coral reefs.

If you’re one of those passionate about art and culture, there are three perfect excuses to visit Cartagena. Every year there are importants international events getting together thousands of music, movies and art lovers. I can highlight the Cartagena Music Festival one of the most relevants at Latinamerica. Gorgeous scenarios as the Plaza San Pedro Claver with the pretty San Pedro Claver Church behind it’s perfect for a magic concert. Also there is the Hay Festival Cartagena bringing the best from literature, art, journalism, politics and a little bit of music. And finally, the Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias promoting latin americans movies production encouraging movies culture at Cartagena. What about a movie down the Cartagena’s beautiful sky?

Of course, street art is not far behind, I love this creative mural of a bird at the Historic Center and take this chance to tell you that Colombia is the country with the greatest diversity of birds in the world, we have more than 1,900 species at the whole national territory. The National Aviary of Colombia is less than an hour from Cartagena at Baru Island, it’s the largest aviary in America and I recommend it because with its work promote the care of nature.

Photos: Delgado Fotógrafos

Photo: Aviario Nacional de Colombia

Food lovers don’t worry, there’s also something specially for you. If you are a gastronomy lover and you’re open to explore new flavors and fusions, you’ll find a lot of typical food at Cartagena like fried fish, seafood, “empanadas”, “sancocho” and tasty candy. There are also some international restaurants with peruvian, french and italian food for everyone. The definition of a perfect day for me would be having a mojarra (fried fish) with chips and coconut rice at the beach, I would have nothing to ask to life.

Photo: Pinterest.

I think I've shown you enough reasons to visit Cartagena and you won’t want to go back home. Are you packing right know? Please leave your comments.


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Wedding & Event Planner


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