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Is a wedding in Colombia valid knowing if I’m not a Colombian Citizen?
Yes, your marriage will be valid. In fact, there are several requirements to meet and documents to provide. After your Catholic wedding in Colombia, I can help you register your marriage, this document will be valid in your country. Civil marriages are performed by certified notaries and will immediately provide you with the registration of your marriage.

What kind of ceremony can I choose for my wedding?
There are several possibilities, a Catholic ceremony taking place in a church, both the bride and groom must be baptized and confirmed Catholics; its duration is 1 hour. The civil ceremony takes place in a place previously chosen by the bride and groom, lasts 45 minutes, is performed by a notary and has a notarized registry. Finally, a symbolic ceremony, usually chosen to reaffirm a union.

Is it possible to have a bilingual wedding in Cartagena?
Yes, it is possible for all kinds of the ceremony. For a bilingual wedding, we advise you to hire a translator, you must check the availability of the translator in advance. In addition, the Leidis Leguia team speaks Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Where can my guests stay?
There are several accommodation options, the choice depends on your budget and the wishes of your guests.
Your guests can stay in an accommodation that they will have booked by their own means in Cartagena through Booking, Airbnb, direct with hotels.
You can propose a discount code to accommodate your guests in the hotel where you will celebrate your wedding and if it’s within your budget, you can rent an entire boutique hotel to accommodate your guests and perform your wedding.

What are the most requested dates for weddings in Cartagena?
Every weekend, at least one wedding is held in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. However, there are some dates that are more requested than others, such as in the "high season". It covers the months of December, January, February and April (during Holy Week). It is important to know that prices tend to increase during these periods. Don’t forget to book in advance, if you want to get married on a specific date to make it available.

What’s the ideal budget for a wedding?
There is no "ideal" budget, the budget is defined based on your wishes and needs. The budget for the wedding must be made right after choosing the venue for the ceremony and reception. For this, as a wedding planner I will advise you to build a budget that aligns with your expectations.

How is the choice of vendors made?
For several years, I’ve maintained relationships of trust with suppliers through all the events carried out. I am always committed to suggesting the best suppliers and making sure they will do the job requested.

How does payment to vendors work?
Wedding vendors in Cartagena request 50% of the total amount once the contract is signed, the rest of the amount must be paid one week before your wedding.
If you are outside Colombia, you can make the payment directly to vendors through international bank transfer using the SWIFT code.

How far in advance should I call a wedding planner?
I advise you to start planning ahead to get a wedding planner available on the date of your marriage so that you can perform the logistics perfectly. Ideally, we recommend about 12 or 16 months in advance.

Do you work with couples who don’t live in Colombia?
Of course, I do. For more than 10 years, many couples have come from all over the world (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America) to get married in Cartagena. Thanks to all the media and technology, planning a wedding from abroad is not complicated.

What’s your wedding planner rate?
For more information about my rate, please contact us via our contact form or chat and tell me about the following information: the date of your wedding, the type of ceremony you want (symbolic, catholic or civil), as well as the number of guests you are expecting, possible venues for reception and some details you think it is important to mention for your wedding. I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How many of your employees will be present at the wedding?
The size of my Wedding Planning team on your wedding day will depend on the specific logistics required. I will give you this more precise information once all the details of the wedding have been defined.

Are you available on my wedding day in Cartagena?
For weddings in Cartagena, it’s very important to anticipate the demand for a wedding planner to be able to schedule the desired date.
Once you have defined the date of your wedding in Cartagena, contact me to block it in my agenda and be able to advance in the planning. If your date is flexible, we can explore several options.

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